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About Raptortech Computers

Simply put, we love computers. We love building, we love testing, we love making customers happy with our line of gaming computers.  What we love even more is being able to provide a superior product vs our competitors and maintain a priceline that makes complete sense to the customer

Tbh i was kinda skeptical at first
because of how cheap the unit I was getting, Here I am 4 months later
the PC i bought still in excellent condition no issues at all. The owner
is legit people


We build our systems with top of the line products. You won’t see second rate brand products like ASRock, Adata, Team Dark, etc.  No, i’m not saying anything is wrong with those brands, they simply won’t be found in our systems.  Samsung, ASUS, Gigabyte, G. Skill, and Seasonic, to name a few.  We don’t believe in 80+ or 80+ bronze power supplies, only gold rating or higher.  Why?  LIFETIME WARRANTY that’s why.  Our products our built to last for the  long haul.  

100% Satisfaction

If you are unable

60-Day Money back

If you are unable