What Are Customers Saying About Raptortech Computers?


RaptorTech built a custom PC for me in Oct 2019, listened to everything I wanted and built it to spec. The service was great, build time was <5 days and I had the PC in hand a couple days after that. It was shipped in the original case box, lots of extra padding – worked perfectly upon arrival. If you’re considering a custom built PC, 100% go with RaptorTech over the bigger custom build shops – they are MUCH cheaper and will give you exactly what you want, even if it’s not listed.

9900k OC’d to 5.0ghz, 2080ti Aorus Xtreme

Awesome computer build! like the previous reviewer said a little rough on communication but over all not disappointed with the build one bit
Adam and Jason are among the best sales people to have ever existed. They did not try whatsoever to squeeze money out of me, as most sales people are trained to do. Instead, they threw me deals left and right.They gladly answered each and every one of my paranoia-fueled question and did it in a manner that felt less strict and more like I was talking to a lifelong friend. They made the process of spending 6 months of tedious saving on 1 item as enjoyable and worry-free as possible. Per my request, they sent photos every couple steps of the build. You will never find a better company than this. The computer was delayed by around 2 weeks due to a payment issue but even then they offered numerous payment alternatives to speed it up. Now, about the computer itself. It arrived more protected than any package I’ve ever seen. It booted up perfectly and after I ran it through it’s paces it performed perfectly. The cable management was also top notch. Ordering from here was a decision I am sure to repeat. 11/10


Excellent hardware, build and costumer service. The owner walked me through configuring a custom build with different options and costs. The new desktop was delivered quickly. I had an initial issues with the SSD and 1 TB hdd (most BIOS’ don’t play well with that configuration). They sent a tech to my home and corrected the issue the same day I called. I will buy again from them.
Had a great experience buying computer from Raptor Tech. Jason was very helpful and never once tried to upsell me on anything. We spoke many of times during build of my Nivida GeForce GTX BattleBox Ultimate because I wanted to upgrade. All text and chats or phone calls were answered quickly and from order to at my door was 7 business days. I would recommend Raptor Tech to anyone looking for a PC and would buy again from them.